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This term started out as a campaign title with the intent to raise up as a community and fundraise to support our mission of sustaining Ben's heroic legacy. Since then many individuals have been inspired to go above and beyond the call by hosting their own Raise Up For Ben events. Each of these have been incredibly athletic challenges where the individuals have personally endured and successfully conquered their goals. We've noted a couple of these amazing stories below. We encourage everyone to follow these athletes and show them your support!

Brendan Bordato_ Raise Up For Ben



* Mission Accomplished, Oct. 2017

Brendan Bordato is a 30 year old outdoorsman and also a cousin of Ben's. On April 17, 2017 he set out on a mission to hike 2,660 miles across the infamous Pacific Crest Trail, from Mexico to Canada. His goal was to raise a substantial amount of donations while he documented and endured an epic challenge. Brendan's journey a great success and he raise nearly $12,000 for the BCMSF. 

Spencer Pirdy_Ben Did Go



• BEN DID GO 1.0 (2016)

* 3 day mission accomplished, July 2016 : 28 mi ocean paddle from Newport Beach to Catalina, 26.5 mi run around Catalina, 28 mi ocean paddle from Catalina to Newport Beach. This event raised over $11,000 for the BCMSF.

"Ben inspired me in so many ways. With his passing I've realized that life is so precious and you've got to make use of the little time you have on earth- make goals and achieve them. I've always wanted to push myself physically and mentally the way Ben did, and this is something I've always wanted to do." -Spencer Pirdy


• BEN DID GO 2.0 (2017)

1 day mission accomplished, July 2017 : 28 mi ocean paddle from Newport Beach to Catalina, joined by 12 other incredible athletes. This event raised over $6,000 for the BCMSF.


• BEN DID GO 3.0 (2018)



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